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Way of working

Getting Things Done
If you need someone to get the work done, look no further. I prefer to move between concrete and abstract, applying in-depth knowledge of the work to help inform strategic business decisions.
Perform Audience Research
(Qual & Quant)
Deliver actionable insights
supply quality on deadline
Motivating and
managing people
Having worked with a multitude of personalities and team sizes, I am comfortable working with interns and C-level executives alike. I can lead as well as follow, applying structure or freedom depending on the needs of the team.
Facilitate workshops
empower people and teams
communicate effectively
across disciplines
Changing cultures
and Mindsets
Perhaps the most difficult enterprise of all: following through once you have decided to make strategic or cultural changes. My experiences with change management endeavors can help you execute best practices and successfully cross the finish line.
provide innovation tools
and mindset
enable change within
an organization
apply an outsider’s

about me

Working with you
As an experienced innovation consultant, I have successfully helped organizations deliver on rigorous strategic innovation projects. Whether it’s conceptualizing and designing a new product, developing a strategic plan or enabling change in your organization, I can provide the necessary innovation tools, mindsets and frameworks to help your team succeed.

I firmly believe that the companies I work with know their own organization better than anyone else. My strength lies in presenting tools and frameworks to help you reframe your challenges and think about them in a different way. Together, we synthesize information and uncover insights that will help you foster innovation and growth.

My strength comes from working with you, not just for you. Building on your existing expertise and knowledge, I work as an empowering thinker to uncover actionable insights, create meaningful deliverables and reach new heights with your team. What I bring to the table will be tailored to your specific needs: whether that's a skilled project manager, a hands-on audience researcher, or a strategic coach.
More than a professional
Throughout the years, I have learned that to have a successful relationship with a client, I need to show up as more than "just" a professional. My interests and personality quirks are an important part of who I am as a person, and they deserve to shine through in the work that I do!

Working with me means you will get full access to my boundless energy, enthusiasm and drive. Expect tons of questions, straight-forward and to the point. I am a quick thinker, empathic and intense as well as creative. I'm always looking for new insights to uncover, new knowledge to explore – talk to me about anything from journalism to coffee and yoga. If you know something that I don't, please do not hesitate to share!

I owe so much gratitude to Stanford University, where I graduated with a Master's in Journalism. Having taken classes at the D.School as well as the Stanford Graduate School of Business, I couldn't have wished for a better environment to hone my skills as well as broaden my professional horizons.
Let's work together!
Every good project starts with a cup of coffee. So are you interested in collaborating, interested in my methodology, or just open for a good conversation on innovation and change management? Don’t hesitate to shoot an email, I will respond shortly after.